Here's How It Works

1 Choose a Quest & Register

Adventure Quests are games of skill that require the player to solve clues and go to the physical locations within the quest region in order to receive the next clue and complete the quest. These quests can be played immediately after registering or on a later date.

Treasure Quests are also games of skill that require the player to solve clues and riddles and go to physical locations. However, with treasure quests the first player to solve all the clues leading to the virtual "treasure" wins the prize associated with that quest. Once the "treasure" is found all players can still finish the quest, but only the first person to find it wins the actual prize. With treasure quests, the clues are much more challenging and may involve watching video clips, listening to sound bites, or even a bit of internet research to solve!

Adventure Quests can be registered for and played at any time. Treasure Quests, however, have a registration deadline. Once that deadline expires, the game will begin and no further registrations will be accepted.

2 Play the Quest

For Adventure Quests you can begin game play immediately after registration or at any time by going to your "My Account" area and clicking on the quest you registered for. For Treasure Quests go to your "My Account" area once the game opens for play on the pre-determined date.

In the quest play area, click "Start Quest" to unlock your first clue. Solve the clue which will direct you to go to a specific location within the listed quest region. For example, if the quest is at a specific city or state park, the first clue will direct you to a location within that park. Once you figure out the location, you must go to that location and use the virtual "Clue Finder" to search for the next clue. If you are in the correct location, the clue finder will indicate "Clue Found." Exit the clue finder to view the clue that was just unlocked. Some clues may require you to enter a numerical "combination" to fully unlock the clue.

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