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Frizorp the Friendly Alien

Texarkana, Arkansas
Quest Region:  Downtown

Frizorp, a native of the planet Yeezip, was on a goodwill mission to Earth when he ran into some trouble going through an asteroid belt and damaged his ship. After crash landing on Earth, he discovered his communication antenna had been lost upon entry into our atmosphere. He began a long and exhaustive journey on his search for a way to phone home. His quest eventually proved fruitful as he was able to locate his much-needed antenna, but his celebration was cut short when he realized he was lost. Frizorp cannot find his way back to his ship. He remembers a few things from along the way and needs help to get back so he can go home. Will you help Frizorp find his way back to his ship?

Adventure quests are games of skill that require the player to solve clues and go to physical locations within the quest region in order to complete the quest. Quests can be played immediately after registering or at a later date. Requires a mobile device with an active cellular connection and GPS location enabled, as well as available data.

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