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Nightmares in Babysitting

Branson, Missouri
Quest Region:  Branson Landing

Hi, my name is Claire, and I desperately need your help! What I thought was going to be an awesome day of fun and freedom at Branson Landing has turned into a babysitter’s worst nightmare! And I’m that babysitter! My mom appointed me to watch my little brothers while she went in to the salon to get her hair cut, but the boys have disappeared and thought it would be funny to lead me on a cryptic quest to find them. Mom will be back in about an hour. Won’t you PLEASE HELP ME?

Starting Point: North Branson Landing parking area

Adventure quests are games of skill that require the player to solve clues and go to physical locations within the quest region in order to complete the quest. Quests can be played immediately after registering or at a later date. Requires a mobile device with an active cellular connection and GPS location enabled, as well as available data.

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